We was originally appointed to design and get approval for the boundary walls for safety, security and privacy for the existing playgrounds, especially the pool. Thereafter we worked with the Principal of the time on his vision for a STEM facility. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The top floor was to be the library of the future. This will incorporate, the timeless book library with bright vibrant colours and augmented seating arrangement to inspire children to take books seriously. We also have Virtual reality nodes to experience live experience documentaries. Eg walking with Dinosaurs. The stairs enter the library dividing the senior primary and junior primary with the tree of knowledge sculture. The middle floor was for the STEM facility with computer and coding nodes to handle 70 children at a time. The lower floor is the dedicated sports node for the teachers and access to the grounds and pavilions for parents and the children/players. Our services entail, scope, and feasibility study, Draw up existing plans. Measure existing building on-site and design the relevant elements that is required to provide sensible solutions that resolves our clients needs. A well designed functional and aesthetically pleasing not only improves the productivity but also improves one working environment. We prepare technical drawings for the local authority as well as the construction drawings for Quantity surveyors and engineers. Do you know it is very important to work out your parking layouts and energy efficiency on all buildings. We endorse sustainable green buildings.

ClientAtholl Heights Primary School
Year CompletedIn progress
Value of ProjectN/C