In 2021 durban went through a mob action unrest. The communities either looted or stopped looting and vandalism. The Nseleni Shopping centre unfortunately was a victim of this destruction. Some parts was burnt and building being destroyed completely. Peps, ackemans, Boxer to name a few shops. We was instrumental in identifying scope of work and instructions needed to restore these buildings. We also monitored the construction until completion and handed over in December 2022 in time for Christmas. Our services entail, scope, and feasibility study, Draw up existing plans. Measure existing building on-site and design the relevant elements that is required to provide sensible solutions that resolves our clients needs. A well designed functional and aesthetically pleasing not only improves the productivity but also improves one working environment. We prepare technical drawings for the local authority as well as the construction drawings for Quantity surveyors and engineers. Do you know it is very important to work out your parking layouts and energy efficiency on all buildings. We endorse sustainable green buildings.

ClientLST Investments
Year Completed2022
Value of ProjectR 26 million