ClientFlint Group
LocationPinetown / Durban
Year Completed2018
Value of ProjectR35 million

World renown producer and distribute of all types of inks. We worked closely over a period of 10years building a relationship with different company leaders. We aided in the design and planning all structures from concept to completion. All old structures have been measured and approved. All new structures are continuously changing as per the companies needs and we are happy to be of assistance when they need us. Our services entail, scope, and feasibility study, Draw up existing plans. Measure existing building on-site and design the relevant elements that is required to provide sensible solutions that resolves our client’s needs. A well designed functional and aesthetically pleasing not only improves the productivity but also improves one working environment. We prepare technical drawings for the local authority as well as the construction drawings for Quantity surveyors and engineers. Do you know it is very important to work out your parking layouts and energy efficiency on all buildings. We endorse sustainable green buildings.